2012 WEINIG POWERMAT 600 CNC/POWERLOCK/800 HOURS $75,000 ($80,000 w/2013 Opticontrol Measuring Stand)

This Powermat 600 was put into service on 12/03/2013 and has just a hair under 800 run hours spending most of that time primarily running pine. Includes one set of Powerlock heads and manuals per picture.

Head #1 Bottom Head (planing) 11 KW/15 HP

Head #2 Right Head 7.5 KW/10 HP

Head #3 Left Head 7.5 KW/10 HP

Head #4 Top Head 11 KW/15 HP

Head #5 Top Head 15 KW/20 HP

Head #6 Bottom Head 11KW/15 HP

From Weinig comes the Powermat series: the revolutionary machine concept for the modern plant.

Weinig’s Powermat 600 offers:

  • unbeatable surface quality
  • shortest set-up times with Powerlock
  • optimal solution for every requirement
  • comfortable easy operability
  • maximum safety at work
  • best integration into existing, productivity-increasing Weinig system solutions

With the Weinig PowerCom software CNC in combination with PowerLock technology, the Powermat 600 is amazingly quick and easy to set up,  and it only takes seconds to change a tool.  Once a profile has been produced and saved, it can be retrieved from Memory and produced again at any time -with minimal effort and maximum precision.

This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. *This machine is clearance priced.