This machine came in on trade and only has 1,636 hours on it. The first head is a 30 hp helical planer head with 9 rows and 300 inserts. We cleaned and serviced the head and replaced all 300 carbide inserts. They are 4 sided and we are told that you can expect to produce around 150,000 board ft per turn. The second head is a 20 hp combination head featuring a 5″ helical grooved rubber head with platen. We dressed the drum and it is defect and memory free. Grooves are deep and we would estimate it to have at least 80% life left in it. The machines comes with 2 platens, one installed in the machine and a second one as well (different felt densities). We replaced graphite on both and the felt on one. We also upgraded the feed mat to a brown nitrile rough top belt. It offers better grip which equates to a better finish of your product when it exits the machine. This machines also features digital thickness read out and control along with auto thickness calibration. PLEASE NOTE: We are not selling you a machine just pulled from a shop, but a machine ready to be put back to work.  All the critical and expensive consumable parts of this machine have been serviced or replaced as they should be when you purchase a used machine. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned and checked and is ready to work from the time you receive it.

Series 2300 specifications:

First head 30 hp

Second Head 20 hp

Centralized control panel

Digital thickness readout

Double infeed and outfeed holddown rolls

Hour meter (indicating 1,636 hours)

Main motor load meters/Watt meters

Four bed jacks

Infeed stop bar

Drums and combination head types standard

Dial indicators on drums/platens

5-1/2″ diameter  combination head)

2 1/2″ width platen on combination head

75″ abrasive belt length

Disc brakes on main motor

20-45 FPM feed speed A/C

Auto set-up device

Motorized lift

0-4.5″ opening (33-38″ passline)

14″ infeed loading area

Through-beam abrasive belt tracking

15″ minimum part length