We purchased this machine from a 79 year old who just retired. He remembers purchasing it for his small family run pattern shop in 1981. While used it has seen way less use than the average NO. 7 and has been flawlessly maintained by a proud owner. You can still see the grind marks on the tables.  Vibrant original paint and graphics. Segmented infeed rolls are in excellent condition. Truly a rare find! See below for specs. Includes, manual, grinding bar, knife grinder, &  jointing stone.  This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it.

Actual Size 25″ x 9″ Straight Knife
Cylinder 5″ cutting circle, 4 knife, high carbon steel, micrometer-type knife raising screws
Knife Size 5/32″ x 1-1/4″ x 25″ high speed steel
Drive Direct Motor
Brake Conveniently located hand brake
Motors  7-1/2 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled.

FEED: 1-1/2 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled.

Voltage 208 – 220/440, 550 volt 60 cycle, 3 phase standard
Lower Feed Rolls 4″ solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life bearings
Upper Feed Rolls INFEED: 4″ diameter, 2″ milled ductile iron sections, 5/16″ section yield, 3/4″ roll yield, sealed-for-life ball bearings.

OUTFEED: 4″ solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life ball bearings

Table Feed Roller Adjustment Single hand lever .001″ to .075″
Feed Speed 20 to 100 lineal feet per minute (higher or lower available in same ratio)
Chipbreaker Ductile iron, 2″ sections, concentric with head
Pressure Bar easily adjustable with micrometer type screws
Maximum Stock Width 25″ Straight Knife
Shortest Butted Piece 4″
Shortest Single Piece 12″
Maximum Stock Thickness 9″
Minimum Stock Thickness 1/16″
Maximum Depth of Cut 1/2″
Controls Double magnetic switch, single pushbutton, reversing switch on feed mechanism
Floor Space 60″ x 50″
Base Large box-type, three point mounted
Net Weight 3000 lbs.*
Domestic Shipping Weight 3100 lbs.*
Export Shipping Weight 3400 lbs.*
Cubic Export Crate Size 137 Cu. Ft.




This machine came in on trade and only has 1,636 hours on it. The first head is a 30 hp helical planer head with 9 rows and 300 inserts. We cleaned and serviced the head and replaced all 300 carbide inserts. They are 4 sided and we are told that you can expect to produce around 150,000 board ft per turn. The second head is a 20 hp combination head featuring a 5″ helical grooved rubber head with platen. We dressed the drum and it is defect and memory free. Grooves are deep and we would estimate it to have at least 80% life left in it. The machines comes with 2 platens, one installed in the machine and a second one as well (different felt densities). We replaced graphite on both and the felt on one. We also upgraded the feed mat to a brown nitrile rough top belt. It offers better grip which equates to a better finish of your product when it exits the machine. This machines also features digital thickness read out and control along with auto thickness calibration. PLEASE NOTE: We are not selling you a machine just pulled from a shop, but a machine ready to be put back to work.  All the critical and expensive consumable parts of this machine have been serviced or replaced as they should be when you purchase a used machine. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned and checked and is ready to work from the time you receive it.

Series 2300 specifications:

First head 30 hp

Second Head 20 hp

Centralized control panel

Digital thickness readout

Double infeed and outfeed holddown rolls

Hour meter (indicating 1,636 hours)

Main motor load meters/Watt meters

Four bed jacks

Infeed stop bar

Drums and combination head types standard

Dial indicators on drums/platens

5-1/2″ diameter  combination head)

2 1/2″ width platen on combination head

75″ abrasive belt length

Disc brakes on main motor

20-45 FPM feed speed A/C

Auto set-up device

Motorized lift

0-4.5″ opening (33-38″ passline)

14″ infeed loading area

Through-beam abrasive belt tracking

15″ minimum part length



This exact planer is offered under several names and is a proven design that has been around for around 25 years. It has a 24″ width capacity and a generous 8″ thickness capacity. 20 hp motor on the top head, 15 hp motor on the bottom, 3 hp on the feed, and 1/2 hp motor for the raise and fall of the chrome plated bed. Dual chevron cutter-heads. A chevron is like a helical head but instead of a spiral arrangement of the cutters it has a “V” arrangement. This sends the chips and dust to the center of the cutter-head and up thru the dust chute enabling for more effecient removal of waste. This planer also features an automatic oiler. Digital read out/control for height. An extremely clean double sided planer that has been very well maintained.

  • Upper & lower chevron (like helical) cutterheads for accurate and powerful two-sided planing in one pass.
  • auto digital thickness control for quick and accurate setup.
  • The work table surface was precision ground and then electro chrome plated and polished to a smooth mirror finish. The durable wear resistance surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  • A heavy duty feed conveyor with metal spikes firmly holds stock securely to the work table and feeds positively giving a smooth finish for rough or final planning.
  • A stepless variable speed control for smooth adjustment of feed rate depending on the material hardness, depth of cut & width to provide the best finish surface and fast cutting performance.
  • The infeed conveyor is fitted with numerous pressure pins so the feeding process can be firmly stabilized. It will moderately press the stock, and then accurate planing surface can be performed to prevent jumping during processing of narrow or bent material.
  • The 4 power feed rollers are driven with a geared transmission box linked with heavy-duty drive chain and gears to provide a smooth even feeding during rough or finish planing.
  • The heavy duty rigid cast iron frame supports the work table and helps dampen vibration and ensures years of dependable service.
  • Powerful industrial motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • All precision sealed long-life bearing for durability usage.
  • Changing the Carbide inserts on the upper cutterhead only requires removal of the upper dust chute; the top cutterhead inserts can then easily be changed.
  • The spiral insert heads design allows for fast accurate insert changes & minimum down time.
  • Setup time is minimized to set cutterhead height using the auto material thickness device.
  • The top and bottom cutterheads are precision balanced to provide consistently smooth chatter free planing regardless of the feed rate or hardness of material being planed.
  • A powerful ½ HP motor is utilized to quickly & conveniently make adjustments in thickness when setting the upper cutterhead.